The Pursuit of Healthiness

The Pursuit of Healthiness
Your Guide to Getting Healthy

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tip #25: Post Holiday Weight Gain

My willpower sucks. It's true and I'll admit it. I just polished off my third cookie for today. I also gained back over five pounds during the holidays. Too much dessert, way too much dessert.

But I'm making a pact with myself. I'm not counting until the holidays are truly over. I'll continue my journey in the New Year because, right now, stepping on the scale is a bad idea. Every time I see that scale creep up, I get depressed and I eat. Which only makes the scale creep up more. Its a vicious cycle.

Right now, I'm eating what I want without a second thought. Sure that's far from healthy, but that's the goal. This is the one time of year I'm saying "To hell with it!" and munching on candy and cookies. I love eating the stuff and when I'm surrounded by it, I just can't say no. Rather than eating it and hating myself afterwards, I'm eating it and enjoying it, knowing that there is always time to burn the calories off in the New Year.

On January 1st, here's what I'm doing:
Any leftover candy is being donated to Operation Shoebox for the troops overseas.

Leftover cake and cookies (unwrapped) go straight in the trash.

No more specialty coffee drinks or soda.

Lunch (what is now consisting of pb&j and cookies or leftover pasta) will be made up of whole wheat sandwiches and veggies.

Dinner will be on a small plate and consist of veggies and protein (unlike the Sicilian pizza I had last night)

Dessert- cancelled. No eating after 8 pm.

Here's my New Year plan and as long as it is in writing here, I won't forget it and I won't slip up. If you plan on following your own New Year's Resolution, write down your own plan and read it everytime you want to indulge.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Workout #14: Impromptu Party!

Its holiday break and your bored already. Instead of breaking out the Christmas cookies and settling in to watch Rudolph for the fourth time, why not host a party? Sound like weird way to work out? Then listen up!

Gathered together a small group of close friends? Then pull out the Wii or Connect for XBox 360! Rent a dance game and pick your favorite songs! Don't worry about sticking to the moves perfectly. You'll have more fun and torch more calories if you and your friends just have fun and add in your own variations. Sure, you can play Wii Just Dance any day, but it is so much more fun to play with friends. Plus you get the bonus of extra calorie burn when you're talking and laughing.

Gathered up a huge group of party-goers? Time to crank up the music and dance to your favorite songs. Hit a club or host the dance party in your own home. Blast the music, make a dance floor and party! Fist bump, electric slide, or whatever you like. But if you are staying at home, just make sure you don't disturb the neighbors!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Tip #24: Get a Clean Start with Beach Body!

I love Disney vacations. I always have ever since I was little. So this weekend my family and I took a short vacation there. In the three days I had there, I drank 3 cappuccinos, a half pack of Double Stuffed Oreos, two Ghirardelli's Hot Fudge Sundaes, and a giant peanut butter cupcake. Oh, and a Mickey head ice cream sandwich. Obviously, it's not a huge surprise that I gained three pounds.

Now that I'm home, I better get back on track. That's where Beach Body's new product comes in. Designed by wellness experts and a former Presidential nutritionist, the Ultimate Reset Cleanse is meant to clean out your body, revitalizing it and returning it to it's original state. Usually, I wouldn't endorse a cleanse, but this is different. Most cleanse are drinking lemon juice and pepper and nothing else. The ingredients in Ultimate Reset aren't just something you'd find in your kitchen cabinets without any proof it's actually any good for you.The creators of Ultimate Reset searched all over the globe for some of the healthiests foods you can put in your body.

If you want to cleanse your body, lose weight, and revitalize yourself, click here for the Ultimate Reset!