The Pursuit of Healthiness

The Pursuit of Healthiness
Your Guide to Getting Healthy

Friday, February 3, 2012

Workout #16: Challenge Your Body

Everything worth doing is a challenge, especially your workout. You might have found by now that you have hit a plateau. That happens sometimes, when your weight loss just stalls and it seems like you must have gotten off track. It's frustrating and kind of kills your self confidence, but it might not be that you have gotten off track. The reason might be that your original weight loss plan isn't cutting it anymore. As you lose weight, your body starts to need less calories. While it is important adjust your calorie intake, it is also important to adjust your workout.

Is there something you were hesitant to do before because it seemed too hard? Accept the challenge and go for it! I've been doing pilates lately but its not helping me reach my goal. So for the last two days I've gone on the exercise bike and pedaled, hard, burning 250 calories in half an hour. I almost fell over when I got off the bike; my legs were so wobbly. It felt so good to know that I'd worked so hard.

Maybe you want to try a class! If you were hesitant to try hot yoga, look for a class for beginners and work your way up. Its a great workout, but I guarantee you'll be wobbling and shaking through every cobra or downward facing dog. Or try Crossfit, a seriously intense workout that my friend who is a ballerina does to stay in shape when she has time off. Just remember to stay fueled and hydrated through every challenge!

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