The Pursuit of Healthiness

The Pursuit of Healthiness
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tip #22: Portion Control Your Extended Halloween!

Halloween isn't a day. It's a week or a month of giving into your sweet tooth. This year might just be the worst of them all! In my town, thanks to the crazy snow storm, trick or treating, basically the greatest thing in a world for a kid, was cancelled. All the candy that we bought, all six bags of it, was left for us! Within one day, I almost finished an entire bag of "fun size" Reeses.

I do not want a month of binging and regretting. I'm down to 145 pounds, leaving me just ten more to lose by Christmas. If I gorge myself on candy, I'm afraid I'll be right bak where I started. The only way to prevent me from polishing off the rest of that bag of Snickers is to portion it off.

First, start off by finding a reasonable number of candy calories you can eat, mine is 100 or less. Don't know how much candy is 100 calories? Check out Fitsugar for a reminder! Then grab OPAQUE bags and portion out 100 calories per bag. This way you can only eat 100 candy calories a day as opposed to splurging your entire daily amount of calories on candy!

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