The Pursuit of Healthiness

The Pursuit of Healthiness
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beach Body: New and Improved!

I know everybody's seen the commercials for Beach Body. The ones that say it's insane and show those perfectly toned people saying how hard it is, but have you ever actually seen the results? The results are what is really insane! I have this friend who was always, well, baby-faced. He wasn't exactly overweight, but he was cute because he has chubby cheeks and that layer of baby-fat he never lost. He tried P90x and you wouldn't even recognize him now! He has those six-pack abs and the baby-fat is gone! Now, without exaggerating, he's got all the girls chasing after him.

Whether you're a guy or girl trying to lose some weight or tone up, Beach Body seriously works! I was recently contacted with some new programs Beach Body has come up with and thought I'd share it with you.

First there's p90x2 (p90x2 preorder) the sequel to the crazy p90x. If you've seen p90x, you know exactly how well this one will work. (Order it now to get it in time for the holidays!)

Second there is the Body Beast workout (Body Beast preorder) which is still in developement. I'd recommend this one for the guys who are looking to seriously build up their muscle mass, as it was developed by the renowned body builder, Sagi Kalev!

The Tai Cheng (translated to Supreme Accomplishment in Mandarin) is finally available for preordering! (Tai Cheng preorder) It is dedicated to your whole body health! Every day, the program teaches you a new Tai-Chi, designed to give you more energy, loosen joints, develope balance, tone muscle, and increase your range of motion. Personally, this one is my favorite and I can't wait to order it!

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